• Image of Katrina Kat, 6-24 months, READY TO SHIP

Our bonnets are sturdy and reliable and shapes the baby's face perfectly.
***Ties are sewn in, will fit loser on sitter babies, but will be nice and snug closer to 24 months.*** Does NOT adjust like our normal 6-24 months size.

Bonnet props are not intended to be worn on a daily bases. These handcrafted headpieces are intended for photography sessions. A Whippoorwill Headpiece should never be left on a baby unintended.

True organic moss and /or dried materials are sometimes used in the creation of our pieces. Please note: the organic dried pieces do sometimes fall off.

Please refer to our "policy" section for further details about shipping.

NOTE: if an rts item is purchased with a pre-order item, they will both ship together per the pre-order item's creation period. If you want or need your rts item now, please place two separate orders.

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