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This IS NOT a bonnet....it does NOT fit like our traditional bonnets do. Our traditional bonnets sit more on top of the head and the sides are longer over the ears and there are ties for tightening the bonnet onto your subject.....THIS HEADPIECE: fits like a beanie would fit, it's round and intended to sit lower on the forehead and evenly all the way around the circumference of the head.

The flowers do not go all the way around to the back, this enables you to be worry free of smashing the flowers when/if your baby is laying down. There is a tag sewn into the hat to ensure you know which side goes in the front.

PRE-ORDER ITEMS: more than 1 is available, you will receive one LIKE the one pictured here. All the same accents are used, same colors.....

SHIPS: ships in 1-15 business days
ready to ship items are held and shipped with pre-order items***

Bonnet props are not intended to be worn on a daily bases. These handcrafted headpieces are intended for photography sessions. A Whippoorwill Headpiece should never be left on a baby unintended.

True organic moss and /or dried materials are sometimes used in the creation of our pieces. Please note: the organic dried pieces do sometimes fall off.

Please refer to our "policy" section for further details about shipping.

NOTE: if an rts item is purchased with a pre-order item, they will both ship together per the pre-order item's creation period. If you want or need your rts item now, please place two separate orders.

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